For decades, wherever people have fought against injustice, they have sung “Bella Ciao.” Some say it was the anthem of Italian partisans fighting against fascism in WWII, but the origins of the song are unclear. Was it a folk song favored by exploited workers in the rice fields in Italy? The accounts of various speakers are richly illustrated with archive material. Ultimately, the song’s origins are less important than what it means to those who sing it as a call for liberty.

Directed by Giulia Giapponesi

Produced by Carlo Degli Esposti & Nicola Serra – Palomar

Executive Producers: Andrea Romeo, Antonio Badalamenti

Co-producers: Fabrizio Zappi – RAI, Chiara Sbarigia – Istituto Luce-Cinecittà

92’ | Italian, Turkish, Arabic, Spanish, English | Italy 2022