A Story of Bones


As the Chief Environmental Officer for Saint Helena’s troubled £285m ($360m) airport project, Annina Van Neel learned of the island’s most terrible atrocity – an unmarked mass burial ground of an estimated 9,000 formerly enslaved Africans in Rupert’s Valley. It is one of the most significant traces of the transatlantic slave trade still on earth. 

Haunted by this historical injustice, Annina now fights alongside renowned African American preservationist Peggy King Jorde and a group of disenfranchised islanders – many of them descendants of the formerly enslaved – for the proper memorialisation of these forgotten victims. The resistance they face exposes disturbing truths about the UK’s colonial past and present.

Directors: Joseph Curran & Dominic Aubrey De Vere

Producers: Yvonne Isimeme Ibazebo

Co-producer: Jo-Jo Ellison

Executive Producers: Lisa Marie Russo, Lucie Kon, Mike Brett, Steve Jamison

Production Company: Archer’s Mark in association with PT Films & Turnover Films

Consulting Producer: Peggy King Jorde

Impact Producer: Annina Van Heel

Supported by: BFI Doc Society Fund (awarding National Lottery funding), BBC Storyville