Cesária Évora

World renowned performer Cesária Évora in a new and intimate documentary. With previously unseen footage and insights into the singer’s life, the film follows the struggles and success of the Barefoot Diva. Her voice took her from poverty to stardom, but her only dream was to be free.

Directed, written, & produced by Ana Sofia Fonseca

Produced by Irina Calado

Edited by Claúdia Rita Oliveira

Cinematography by Vasco Viana

Sound Design by Sara Godinho, Pedro Miguel Carvalho, Rui Pereira, Billyboom Sound Design

Music by José M. Afonso

About the director

Ana Sofia Fonseca is a natural storyteller. Born in Portugal, she lives with one foot in her home country and the other in Cabo Verde—she has a house two steps away from Cesária’s house. ÉVORA is her second feature length documentary, following an award-winning 20 year career in journalism, in which she worked on over 20 television documentaries, and published five non-fiction books and a novel. For years, she has been dedicated herself to telling compelling stories with a focus on human rights themes—particularly stories about women rights and race issues.