Excess Will Save Us

A young film director, returns to her family village after a terrorist alert was triggered. As she films her family members in their power dynamics, she comes to understand that they are more connected to this event than she originally thought. Through the making of a short documentary, she becomes closer to her dad Patrick, 62, and her cousin Faustine, 17, who share the same dream: leaving the village

Directed by Morgane Dziurla-Petit

Produced by Fredrik Lange – Vilda Bomben

In Coproduction with Peter Possne – Film i Väst / Associate Producer: Carl Javér

In Association with SVT

With the support of SFI

100’ ǀ French ǀ Sweden – 2022

"Playful and Poignant Docu-Fiction Hybrid... Full of Dry Observational Humour and Tragicomic Melancholy"