Brainwashed: Sex-Camera-Power

“Nina Menkes’ eye-opening documentary will forever change how you look at films.”

— INDIEWIRE, Kate Erbland

“Menkes is a real no-bullshit breath of fresh air. With a torch. And with any luck, she’s heading your way to set fire to something, soon."

— SCREEN DAILY, Finn Halligan

"The disruption of traditional power that "Brainwashed" puts forward to the language of cinema is compelling and progressive; it presents a much needed challenge for all filmmakers to find truer ways to depict who we are as people.”


“Explosive [and] compelling...Menkes pulls off the tricky balance of making "Brainwashed" digestible and illuminating for the casual cinema-goer while being stimulating and paradigm shifting for fellow filmmakers and scholars of film.”

— THE QUEER REVIEW, James Kleinman
Based on Nina Menkes’ acclaimed talk “Sex & Power: The Visual Language of Cinema,” Brainwashed is a mesmerizing journey into how shot design intersects with twin epidemics of sexual abuse/ assault and employment discrimination against women. Containing over 175 film clips, this will unalterably change the way we view and make movies.

Directed & Produced by Nina Menkes

Executive Producers: Tim Disney, Susan Disney Lord, Abigail Disney

Co-Producers: Maria Giese, Guo Guo, Summer Xinlei Yang, Sandra de Castro Buffington

Creative Producers: Inka Rusi, Cecily Rhett

About the director

Called “Brilliant, one of the most provocative artists in film today,” by The Los Angeles Times, and a “Cinematic Sorceress” by The New York Times, Menkes’ films synthesize inner dream worlds with brutal, outer realities. Her work has been shown widely in major international film festivals, including Sundance (four feature premieres), the Berlinale, Locarno, Toronto, and MOMA in NYC. She has had numerous international retrospectives and her early work has been selected for restoration by the Academy Film Archive and Scorsese’s Film Foundation with funding from the Hobson Lucas Foundation. Menkes is a Fulbright and Guggenheim Fellow and on the faculty at California Institute of the Arts.