He Dreams of Giants

Directed by Keith Fulton and Lou Pepe

Produced by Lucy Darwin Keith Fulton

Executive Producers Hani Farsi Ali Fikree Omar Fikree Ari Ioannides

Cinematography Lou Pepe Jeremy Royce

Editors Bill Hilferty Nyneve Laura Minnear

Supervising Editor Janus Billeskov Jansen

Original Score Jacaszek

Sound Design and Mixing Michael Kowalski Sam Fan

From the team behind Lost in La Mancha and The Hamster Factor, HE DREAMS OF GIANTS is the culmination of a trilogy of documentaries that have followed film director Terry Gilliam over a twenty-five-year period.  Charting Gilliam’s final, beleaguered quest to adapt Don Quixote, this documentary is a potent study of creative obsession.


For over thirty years, Terry Gilliam has dreamed of creating a screen adaptation of Cervantes’ masterpiece.  When he first attempted the production in 2000, Gilliam already had the reputation of being a bit of a Quixote himself: a filmmaker whose stories of visionary dreamers raging against gigantic forces mirrored his own artistic battles with the Hollywood machine.  The collapse of that infamous and ill-fated production – as documented in Lost in La Mancha – only further cemented Gilliam’s reputation as an idealist chasing an impossible dream.


HE DREAMS OF GIANTS picks up Gilliam’s story seventeen years later as he finally mounts the production once again and struggles to finish it.  Facing him are a host of new obstacles: budget constraints, a history of compromise and heightened expectations, all compounded by self-doubt, the toll of aging, and the nagging existential question: What is left for an artist when he completes the quest that has defined a large part of his career?


Combining immersive verité footage of Gilliam’s production with intimate interviews and archival footage from the director’s entire career, HE DREAMS OF GIANTS is a revealing character study of a late-career artist, and a meditation on the value of creativity in the face of mortality.