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A new documentary by Gorki Glaser-Muller

One man’s lonely struggle to free his seven grandchildren from a prison camp in Syria in an unforgettable film about an inflamed political dilemma.


Patricio Galvey is in the middle of an almost unimaginable nightmare. He has not only lost his daughter, who allowed herself to be radicalised and travelled with her white, Swedish husband to Syria, where they both got killed. His seven grandchildren, aged 1 to 8, are now stuck in a prison camp in the war-torn country. The 50-year-old Swedish-Chilean Patricio has one mission: to get them out. The result is a lonely but stubborn struggle. Not least with the authorities, the media and the politicians who refuse to touch the inflamed dilemma about Syrian fighters and their children. During a 45-day-long journey through Iraq to Syria, we are presented with the story of what happened to his daughter Amanda as we follow him closely in his desperate fight to save his seven grandchildren before it’s too late. A fight that forces him to navigate a minefield of changing moods among the media and politicians, where each new move can be fatal. It doesn’t get any easier when Amanda’s radicalised mother suddenly shows up too. One hopes for the best and fears the worst in a film that adds an unforgettable story to a burning political and human dilemma.


Gorki Glaser-Müller


Sweden, Denmark, Qatar




95 min


Kristofer Henell, Erika Malmgren