The Jewish National Fund’s (JNF) beloved Blue Box campaign was internationally successful in raising support for the purchase and forestation of land in Palestine. The trees have since spread their roots, but evidence remains of the Palestinian communities displaced by the once-fragile seedlings. Joseph Weits, filmmaker Michal Weits’ great-grandfather, was a key figure in the organization. His private diaries reveal the story of the massive land takeover that led to the creation of the State of Israel. In conversations with her family, she questions his actions, which result in an exploration of Israel’s past and an uncomfortable truth.


Hotdocs 2021

Docaviv 2021

Dokufest Kosovo 2021

Vancouver International Film Festival 2021

San Francisco Jewish Film Festival 2021

Other Israel & DOC NYC co-Presentation 2021


Director:Michal Weits
Producers:Assaf Amir
 Ina Fichman
 Eric Goosens
 Uri Smoly
 Frederik Nicolai
Executive Producers:Guy Lavie
 Dana Stern
 Ira Levy
Narration:Dror Keren as Joseph Weitz
Editors:Doron Djerassi
 Erez Laufer
Cinematography:Avner Shahaf
 Daniel Kedem
Sound Design:Benoit Dame