MADE IN AUSCHWITZ: The Untold Story Of Block 10

Directors Sylvia Nagel & Sonya Winterberg
Produced by Sylvia Nagel, Sonya Winterberg
Simone Baumann, Sascha Beier, Philippa
Kowarsky, Olivier Tournaud
Production Companies Medienkontor Winterberg & Nagel, Cinephil, Saxonia Entertainment
Featuring Testimonials Leny Adelaar, Renée Duering, Eva Golgevit, Génia Oboeuf, Garmaine Pitchon, Lynn Wallis
In Association with ZDF/Arte, Hot 8
Edited by Shaked Goren
Length 72′
Language: English, German, Hebrew, French, Dutch
Country: Germany, Israel
Year: 2019

Almost eighty years ago, gynecologist Carl Clauberg conducted medical experiments on Jewish women in Auschwitz. His “research” on birth control and infertility is part of the medical canon to this day. Of the small number of women who survived, most became sterile while others were lucky. For the first time they tell their story to the world.

Meet the Filmmakers

For the past twenty years, Finnish-Swedish writer and journalist SONYA WINTERBERG has been working for media in Germany, the US and Northern Europe. Her work focuses on women and children in war and its aftermath. Sonya reported on major news events such as the aftermath of the war in Bosnia, the 2005 Kashmir earthquake, Hurricane Katrina and the resettlement of refugees and IDPs to villages across Afghanistan. Sonya has been involved in a number of German television events such as the acclaimed ARD television documentary series “Kriegskinder” (Children of War, 2009) for which she co-authored the companion book. She was also on the team that conceptualized and wrote the online special for the award-winning series “14 – Diaries of the Great War”. Currently she is working on a bio pic of the late Anja Niedringhaus for ZIEGLER Film (to be released in 2020).

Dr. SYLVIA NAGEL is a director, author and producer of documentary films with more than 25 years of professional experience. She has worked for a variety of public broadcasters such as NDR, WDR, SWR, MDR, ZDF and Arte. As deputy editor in chief for NDR/Arte she commissioned many documentaries, several of which were awardwinning such as: 2008 Adolf-Grimme-Award for “Luise – A German Muslim” and 2006 German Television Award nomination for “I am Al Qaeda – The Life of Zacarias Moussaoui”. As an author and director, Sylvia has been involved in the production of films both in Germany and abroad. Her work has a strong focus on socio-political issues. Her documentary film “China’s Public Enemy No. 1 – Rebiya Kadeer’s Battle for the Uyghurs” has been shown at festivals worldwide. Sylvia has also been a lecturer at the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK).