ISIS Tomorrow

DirectorFrancesca Mannocchi, Alessio Romenzi
Produced byFremantleMedia Italia (Gabriele Immirzi), Rai Cinema, CALA Filmproduktion (Martina Haubrich), Wildside (Lorenzo Gangarossa)
Executive ProducersSilvia Bonanni
MusicAndrea Ciccarelli
CinematographyAlessio Romenzi, Francesca Mannocchi
Edited byEmanuele Svezia, Sara Zavarise
Country:Italy, Germany


ISIS may have lost the war, but the simple act of surrender cannot erase the deadly ideology. What happens to the youngest losers, who have no memory of a world before ISIS?



Francesca Mannocchi Francesca Mannocchi has worked for a number of Italian and international newspapers and TV channels for several years. She mainly engages in the narrative of migrations and conflict zones. She has produced news reports from Iraq, Libya, Lebanon, Syria, Tunisia, Egypt, and Afghanistan. She followed and told about the difficult post-revolutionary transition in Libya, the wars in Gaza, the coup in Egypt in 2013, the fighting to free Sirte and Mosul from Isis occupation. She has been honored with two prizes: Premio Giustolisi for her survey on the smuggling of migrants and Libyan prisons, and 2016 Premiolino, the main prize for journalists in Italy.

Alessio Romenzi‘s photos are on the pages of prime international newspapers: Time Magazine, International Herald Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Newsweek, L’Espresso, Der Spiegel, Paris Match, and Stern. His work focuses on wars and migratory phenomena. He depicted the Arab Springs before devoting himself to the Syrian conflict.

He was one of the first photographers who could document the protests against Bashar al Assad’s regime and then the war in Syria. Recently he focused on the migratory phenomenon in Libya and to the fighting to free Sirte and Mosul from Isis occupation.

He has been honored with the World Press Photo and many other international awards including Picture of the Year, Premio Baldoni, Premio Dolega.