Unseen Enemy

Examining the recent epidemics of Ebola, Influenza and Zika, Unseen Enemy makes it clear that epidemics bring out the best and worst of human behavior, and that their effect goes far beyond the terrible tolls of sickness and death. We are all connected to any person, animal and insect that may have an infectious disease incubating in them. And that connection is either incredibly dangerous or a powerful force for good. It is our choice which of those becomes true.

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The Battle of Mosul

In October of 2016 the battle for Mosul, the Islamic State’s self-proclaimed capital in northern Iraq, began.
With unprecedented access, Bernard-Henri Lévy and his team follow the Kurdish units and the Iraqi special Golden Division.
From street to street, they fight together to regain this city of two million inhabitants.
Though successful, the hopes of the Kurdish fighters might not always align with those of their allies.

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Arts & Culture

Mali Blues

For centuries, traditional music has unified Mali’s society. Yet the music of Mali is in jeopardy.
Radical Islamists introduced sharia law, prohibited dance and secular music and destroyed instruments.
MALI BLUES tells the story of four musicians who refuse to accept hatred, suspicion, violence,
and a radical interpretation of Islam in their country.

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The film follows the stories of a new generation of Palestinians who through social media manage
to reach beyond the physical barriers of the occupation. Manal, Issa, Ahmad and Mussa, from the West Bank and Gaza,
are looking to break through the current status quo and to regain their freedom. They are the Palestinian Generation Y.

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“You lack inner peace, I can see it in your eyes…” With this abrupt remark thrown at her by a woman visiting Jerusalem’s Wailing Wall,
filmmaker Moran Ifergan is reminded of the religion she left in her late teens, when she used to frequent this holy site.
While her marriage falls apart, Moran takes us on an around-the-clock journey to the women’s side of the Wall;
mixing between private and public, sound and image, God and His absence.

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