Through previously undiscovered private letters, photos and diaries that were found in the Himmler family house in 1945, the “The Decent One” exposes a unique and at times uncomfortable access to the life and mind of the merciless “Architect of the Final Solution”

Director & Producer: Vanessa Lapa
Production Company: RealWorks
In Co-Production with: Felix Breisach Medienwerkstatt, ORF, MDR, WDR
Associated Producers: Barbara and Martin Schlaff, Guido Hettinger
With the Support of: yes docu, Makor Foundation for Israeli Films, The Conference on Jewish Material Claims against Germany, Highbrow
Editors: Sharon Brook, Noam Amit
Length: 96′
Language: German
Subtitles: English
Country: Israel, Austria, Germany
Year: 2014
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